HipCamp: The Airbnb of Camping

Happy Horse Camping  (Austin, TX)

Happy Horse Camping (Austin, TX)

I recently discovered HipCamp and HAD to share immediately. This platform is what I like to call, "the Airbnb of camping."

If you are anything like us, you prefer to camp in the wild away from the hustle and bustle of a commercial campsite (aka families, RVs, loud noises). Camping on public lands is an option if you go somewhere like Utah or Colorado, but they are not available everywhere. If you travel during peak season, good luck finding a campsite anywhere. 

Enter HipCamp. This platform fosters an amazing community of people who share their land with campers, which means you are giving back to local communities and unlocking amazing new places to camp that have not been popularized. You can make a little pocket money by offering your land for camping, and also discover new places to explore on your own.


In Austin (where we live), we have already discovered hundreds of campsites in a couple hour radius of our home. This means when we only have time for an overnight adventure, we now have access to so many new places in our own backyard. Many of these places are even fire and pet friendly, which broadens the possibilities tenfold. 

I like to call it the "Airbnb of camping" because the site works very much like Airbnb - intuitive and easy-to-use. Did I mention the beautiful branding and photography? It makes my heart sing. Click the button below to get $20 off your first HipCamp stay, and be sure to let us know how much you love it!