Sustainable Living | Let’s Be Better Humans

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Through my outdoor adventures I have become wildly educated about our impact on the planet. From largely controversial topics like ‘greenhouse gases’ to lesser-known facts, like why you need to stay on designated trails to sustain biodiversity. It is difficult for some to wrap their mind around these ideas, but I believe we can all agree that at the very basic level of science is one simple concept: cause and effect. Every choice we make has an effect on the planet, positive or negative.

My qualm with modern day conservationism and environmentalism is that it often frightens people with [irreversible] statistics and stories, which scares them into inaction. If something feels too overwhelming, it becomes easier to back down than to feel like we could possibly make an impact as individuals or families.

The truth is there are a number of items we can change throughout our day to be better humans - for ourselves and for our planet, and they do not have to be drastic. Is change uncomfortable at first? Sure. And then it becomes routine.

Through this blog it is my goal to calmly approach sustainability and advocacy for our environment through manageable actions we can implement into our daily routines. I am well aware that not all the decisions I make are beneficial to our planet, but I will commit to doing my absolute best.

Let’s open up communication at a more accessible level by sharing extraordinary ideas in an ordinary way. We all have much to learn if we keep our eyes and ears open. Sign up below to receive updates on what I am personally doing to change up my routine to be a better human for our planet. Join me, won’t you?