5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now

We get by with a little help from our friends... and a few apps! The phone apps in this travel blog (which should be available for both iPhone and Android) have helped us tremendously when planning our adventures and navigating around the trails. If you have additional apps that have helped you on your travels, please feel free to share! Until then, here are our travel apps that you should go download. Like, right now.

5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now


Hopper is an incredible app that helps you predict when to purchase your flights. They support most major airlines, worldwide destinations and can even predict prices for both one-way and roundtrip. Even if you do not want to use the specific airlines they support, it will give you a good indicator if you should wait to purchase your tickets, and what days/months are going to be more pricey.

5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now

REI National Parks

There is nothing worse than showing up to a National Park [which is probably crowded] without a game plan. The REI app is a crowd-sourced guide that breaks down the trails and their grade, length, scenery and gems you do not want to miss. However, be sure to do additional research on the trails - we found that some of the trails were more difficult than the app led on.

Google Maps Offline Mode

Google Maps

As always, Google Maps. This app allows you to download a map area so that when you lose WiFi and service, you can still navigate and find destinations within the map. Read our article on get this cool feature setup!

5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now


I actually have this app primarily for video production and photography, but it works wonders when traveling too. Not sure if you'll make it back to the trailhead by sundown? This augmented reality sun tracker will show you where the sun will be at different times. This is especially useful if you are in the mountains, so you will know when the sun is going to set behind the mountain range and you can make it back to camp in time.

5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now


Accuweather offers international forecasting in over 100 languages and is used by over 1.5 billion people! It offers everything from general long term forecasts to minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts down to your exact location. It is quite impressive!

5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now

Honorable Mention - TEP Wireless

It is not an app, but it is an incredible resource for your travels. TEP Wireless offers unlimited portable WiFi for travelers with coverage in most of the world. No matter where you go, you can stay connected. Click here to learn more!