Gear Review: Katadyn Gravity Camp Filter

Discretion: We were not paid to write a review on this product.

My husband and I were on the hunt for an affordable (but functional) water filter for our multi-day hikes; much of the water we acquire is from a spring or freshwater source, so the need for a really good water filter became imminent. I have my fair share of knowledge on water filtration and water purification methods, but I am no expert on purchasing water filters. In fact, this was the first one I have bought for backpacking outside the LifeStraw (which is also very handy to have). One hardly gets excited about water filters, but wow. The Katadyn Gravity sure was worth every penny.

I always go online and read the reviews for products before even considering making a purchase, and I recommend you do the same. My initial thought was to purchase an MSR filtration system, which has great reviews. The MSR Guardian won Backpacker Magazine 2016 Editor's Choice award, but it was way out of our budget; I am sure it is an excellent product. I also considered the MSR SweetWater - I believe I read it was backed by the US Marines. It had great reviews too, but it was much more task oriented, needing to pump the water in order to filter.

The Katadyn Gravity Filter intrigued me because it could fill multiple bottles in one go, and required hardly any effort. Not to say we are being lazy, but it would be nice to have the water filtering as we are resting. We are hiking for days, after all. To operate, you simply put the filter in the bladder, gather water from the water source, hang from a tree - and that's it. Literally. The system also has a shower adapter (sold separately) to use the bladder as a camp shower.

It seemed a little pricey, but I suppose this one is on the middle-high end of filtration systems. We have used it on every multi-day hike and it has worked wonders. It filters water very quickly and is compact in our bags taking up minimal space. I would highly recommend this product.