The Best Travel Camera Support Straps

The Best Travel Camera Support Straps

As a creative, camera harnesses have been my greatest accessories on the trails thus far.  The harnesses in this article have allowed my camera to be out of my pack and easily accessible, and keep from straining my neck like you would experience with a traditional camera strap. They also save room in my pack should I need extra equipment or want to bring an additional lens. Obviously there are upsides and downsides with every product, and I will discuss those below.

Think Tank Camera Support Strap V2

The Best Travel Camera Support Straps

This support strap is my go-to for multi-day hikes on my 40L pack. I love that it allows me to simply raise it to my face quickly when I see a time-sensitive shot, such as wildlife.

After you put your pack on and get situated, simply attach your camera to the support strap clips and adjust to your comfortability. I adjusted mine to lay right on my chest, just high enough where I could bring it up to my face and see through the viewfinder without any problems. It bounces around slightly when walking, but having it lay on my chest acts as a cushion rather than hitting me in the abdomen.

The bottom of the clips did not fit through the rings that came on my camera, so I simply threaded a medium key ring through each side and attached it there - no biggie. 

The Best Travel Camera Support Straps
The Best Travel Camera Support Straps

However, you will need a pack with loops or something near the shoulders where the camera support can clip and will not slide down. I tried adding this camera support to my daypack and there was nowhere to attach them. My 40L pack has loops right by the shoulders - after the support clips were added I could adjust the height from there. If you place them too low you will lose flexibility for where you want your camera to stay, so you want to clip them near your shoulders or upper arms.

These straps will also slow down the process of taking off your pack. If you are super exhausted from hiking 6+ miles and are aching to take off all your weight, you have to remember to slow down and unclip your camera first before stripping off your pack. It sounds silly, but I have found it frustrating in the past. That being said, it is a great camera support system.

Peak Design Capture Pro Camera Clip

The Best Travel Camera Support Straps

Just like the Think Tank straps, the Capture Pro Clip allows my camera to be easily accessible out of my pack, keeps the weight off my neck and leaves room in my pack for other equipment. ALL BONUSES as a photographer.

After you attach the mount, the camera slides down into the clip and holds really steady while you are hiking. When you are ready to shoot, simply push the red button and slide the camera up out of the Capture Pro Clip. I would actually use this more often if it were not for these two necessities....

1) The shoulder straps on your pack cannot be too thick or too thin. The clip fits around the strap and tightens on either side. If your strap is too thin, the clip will simply slide down. If the strap is too thick, you will not be able to fit the shoulder strap through the clip. My multi-day packs were too thick for this clip, but it fit nicely on my REI Trail 25L daypack.

2) It definitely feels more comfortable when your pack has a chest strap, like seen in the photo above. Without this, the clip  prods me in the arm, but that could just be a personal issue. When I have the chest strap tightened, it will pull the shoulder strap away from the arm, allowing room for the camera mount.

That being said, it's like your camera is floating in air - you can hardly tell it is there 👍.

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